[keksbyte] BlueNight, one actual good looking theme (suggestions open)

Hello, this is a new theme I made!

OB2 Version: 0.1.18
Author: keksbyte

Preview: Preview video
(Its a video because animations)

I’m up for improvements


Nice effects, the background colors are from the Slacker theme by ‘analyzer’ though, credits to him.

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wtf? i just searched online color codes for blue tones i dont even know his theme it isnt on the forum

My bad. I just checked the hex values and they look really similar but they’re not identical. Sorry! My fault :frowning:

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Nice theme bro looks clean I like it……

Wow, this is really dope. It gave me some ideas for a theme. I’m going to definitely use this theme sometimes! Once I complete the theme I’m thinking of I’ll be sure to include you in the credits for inspiration as well as the link to this post for others to reference too.

can you re-upload the video?