Json response


When the site’s response is json with something like this: {“status”: true or false … How do I go to the site’s home page to capture data?


Hi bro, a 2 minute ago I also post question about JSON, you can check it out Handle interactions, JSON and error page

Well, about this question as far I seem, you should use a KEY CHECK block to handle any kind of results.
Supposing that true means success for you and false means fail try to add a new block > KEY CHECK > add a key chain

Type: choose success
Keys: choose and CONTAINS: {“status”: true

Type: choose success
Keys: choose and contains: {“status”: false

Contains or Equal
Not tried yet but worth a try.
Good luck


You have to use Contains

For the keys (success or failure) it’s ok for me. That was not the question.
My question is: how to continue on the home page of the site to parse data that are not in the answer (email, credits …)

Thank you anyway