I setup this job monitor but nothing happen.
Can anyone help me out.

Time elapsed equal to a given amount is most likely NEVER going to happen, you need to put time elapsed greater than instead of equal to.
Also are you 100% sure the id of the job is correct?

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what does it means? Thank you ruri

Proxy cannot reload after OB2 Running 30s.

It means that it was executed 182 times. The fact is that this condition, since it’s marked as repeatable, is executed every second or so after the job runs for 30 seconds. Please remove “Repeatable”. I’m pretty sure what you are looking for is this

seem not working…

Click on the guide I posted above and use that one

Can I make an condition to remote job 113 from job 112

Yes you can make it so that a trigger in job 112 can affect job 113. Just put the correct ID in the action.

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