Is there any actual guide for puppeteer?

Hey ruri, as much as i wanna express how I’m deeply in love with OB2, words can’t describe it
Bravo indeed :clap:.
After getting used to all the normal things i moved to the new puppeteer which is the selenium alternative as i understand but I’m kinda stuck at the beginning, i got that website is opened and navigated but nothing actually is showed up & no tab is opened so i can continue making the config, so is there a way to show the the tab or any guide for puppeteer?

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Hey, thanks for your kind words!
I don’t understand very well, you said you managed to open the website but you also said nothing shows up? Can you post some sample LoliCode with a dummy website that I can try in order to see what you’re doing exactly?

Well in OB1 you set two blocks
Open browser
Navigate for example
Then when you click start OB1 starts a new tab for the navigated website & you can continue your config

I tried the same in OB2, open and navigate blocks i choose google for ex

When i click start everything seems fine but there’s no tab to work on or something
Is that how the puppeteer works?
Cuz usually in selenium configs you need to make it step by step and see the tab to confirm that everything is right

Go to config settings and remove the tick from “Headless” in the puppeteer section :slight_smile:

Thank you, one more question is using this headless mode makes ob2 uses less ram & cpu?

Yes and it avoids all the annoying browsers popping up :slight_smile:
But be aware, some pages don’t load properly in headless mode