Is it possible to Keycheck for unknown Success

Hello, im testing in reset password page i want to know if email is registered or not but the problem status says “Email sent” only and there nothing say invalid or error message to use in keycheck as im beginner on openbullet i dont know if this possible or not

screenshot of status on reset password page

Use a keycheck and add a success key for “Email Sent”
If you’re talking about checking if the email is valid, then enter a random email ([email protected]) and check what the output says

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i got same message “Email Sent” when i use registered email and unregistered email thats why i have no idea what to put in keycheck :frowning:

if this is happening this is probably a site defense to avoid bruteforce

so in this case there no solution for it?

try to see if there is any difference in the headers or status code, if not I really think there is no solution

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Unfortunately there no differant in header status code : 200 always same, in registered email and unregistered :frowning:

Try if its possible trough registering, maybe it checks the email when u type in the email before u even hit the register button. Or to prevent it from registering accounts u can send a existing email but also a password that does not match validation and see if it gives the email already exists error before the password error and like that u need to mess around with other inputs.

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Hi magmah thanks for your idea everything goes ok but there recaptcha in sign up



if this can be solved with openbullet please let me know thankyou