Input not understood in OB2

In the old openbullet version 1, we can create easy < example >
So in the OB2 there is something not working, i have create a config easy and its working in OB1, but in OB2 it makes errors.

i see also this notice, it need to switch it to interpolated mode but i think if i click ‘switch’ it will make a problem, because that it will parse only a value from source, so why i should to switch it ?

2022-04-30 04_50_13- - Connexion Bureau à distance

and i tried also to test if i switch it, what error it can be,
so i see this error:

CompilationErrorException - (26,77): error CS1073: Unexpected token ‘class’

so i have restored it to normal text, because its correctly parsed the value (Selected: Text)

In Pattern field, You must add \ before <

It is not necessary to switch to interpolated mode unless you are assigning a variable from ob in the pattern

That is just a suggestion, but of course in this case it’s not needed

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