[IDLE] CompilationErrorException: (15,22): error CS1026: ) expected

[IDLE] CompilationErrorException: (15,22): error CS1026: ) expected

Using END IF in OB Error

check here

Already, just dont realize where mistake can be

I have the same issue.

Check if there’s content length in your request, if yes remove it.

you guys are using contains wrong.

proper usage is

nah, It issue occurs even if all blocks are disabled and only a random string function is enabled (for testing).

OBc sharp

I’ve used stacker + lolicode for the config. I have not yet converted the config to C# and don’t wanna convert too just to fix the Contains thing, as the message says I won’t be able to use stacker.
It is a bug in OB2 probably. that the Contains syntax is incorrect when OB2 (internally) converts lolicode to C#. please fix soon.

ok well THIS image is improper syntax for C#. You are treating a C# statement like its lolicode.

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and btw you can write c# inside of loliscript. Which is what you are doing (Just doing it wrong because you are treating c# like loliscript). You don’t have to convert the config to C#. And the reason it is erroring even if you disable the block is becauce OB2 compiles the config into C# when its ran.

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oh so we are not supposed to use the old syntax of lolicode as we used to in first OB, alright thanks. I got it.

Yeah, now I get that it now requires C# syntax in the loliscript instead of the older format. thanks for clarifying :ok_hand: