I need Help with aws4

I got this in request

X-Authorization: AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 Credential=xxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxxx/20210927/aws4_request, SignedHeaders=accept-language;host;r-amz-date;user-agent, Signature=8f697b34f6ad6aa78c1aa9f5553b1e280e65d87c9966feff38eac1dd2062c1f1

what are the key, region, and service here

secret key or access key? access key is Credential=xxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxxx
secret key is generated by aws region is likely us-east-1

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i didnt understand but thank you anyway

As diddly said,

Region will be the region your services are located in.

us-east-2	US East (Ohio)	Not required
us-east-1	US East (N. Virginia)	Not required
us-west-1	US West (N. California)	Not required
us-west-2	US West (Oregon)	Not required

As for Credentials, that will be your security/secret key and you can get that from the IAM page from the AWS Console.

You can also use aws-cli or something to rotate you key and get a new one if needed.

To find your region, when you login you generally will be in your default region. Just click the drop down to find it

Was trying to find where the keys can be found via the website but since we moved everything to a SSO we no longer have individual AWS accounts so I cant look that up anymore since my admin login doesnt work that way anymore


To make it more clear
my key here will be credintial value that will be : xxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxxx/20210927/aws4_request

Date : given in header

region : server location

Service : will be iam or what ?