I am having trouble configuring the chromium and firefox binary locations using docker container

Hi all, I have installed OpenBullet 2 with docker, but I am having trouble configuring the chromium and firefox binary locations for Puppeteer and Selenium since the following paths do not exist in the container:

C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

Could someone explain to me how I can do?

Hello, I will make a guide on how to do this tonight, please stay tuned.

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Ok Ruri, thanks a lot! I think this guide will also be very useful to other people in the community :smiley:

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After some thought, I think the best course of action is to fix the container directly. I will notify you about when we will update it to include firefox + chormium + chromedriver + geckodriver and automatically adjust the settings to point to the correct executable paths so you can use headless puppeteer/selenium without too much effort.

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Yes, I completely agree with you, even in my opinion those who use a docker image should have everything ready in the container

We added support for puppeteer (still having trouble with selenium since the webdrivers don’t like running as a root user in the docker container and it’s giving us a headache).

Expect a new image to be pushed for the next build (0.2.1) so probably next weekend. Stay tuned!

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Hi. i have problem with puppeteer the block getcookies is not working

@Dino32 I suggest you create your own question instead of replying on this one changing the topic

Ok Ruri, thanks! i will wait for the next image :smiley: