[HXR/Takaovi] DarkGlass

A customizable theme for OpenBullet2

OB2 Version: 0.1.2
Theme version: 1.03
Theme made on: 1920x1080, Chrome (Most optimized)
Author: HXR (Takaovi)

You can change the background! Just edit the .css and there’s instructions.

Preview screenshot:

Please avoid just changing the background and then reposting the theme as yours. Thanks.


DarkGlass (Github.com)

I will update the theme when I have changed something. Stay safe, and enjoy!


You’re a hero! I wonder how it looks in a resolution other than 1920x1080 though, does it stretch to fit or zoom? I will check it out later for myself ^^

I have no idea. That’s why improvements are very welcome.

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I think this is the best one so far * + *

looks really cool i like it

On a 1024x768 monitor it looks a bit odd but anyway I like it

Gotta see if I can get that fixed. Hopefully I- or someone else will.

Awesome that you enjoyed it!

PS. I’ve made small updates after you downloaded the theme, so you might want to download it again. It’s nothing big but just small improvements, you will probably not even notice a difference.

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your amazing pls ily now gimme kiss :kissing_closed_eyes:

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:kissing_closed_eyes: There you go.

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sir, please add a dark background… like the scary, horror type of ur choice.

just edit line 22 lol

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If I change background is it auto resize of my display?

no :thinking: you can change photo size to 1920x1080
If you want the photo to be complete :upside_down_face:
Otherwise a part will be displayed automatically :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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store Image files local please, background could not loaded for me

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Hey, check out the GitHub. I gave you some instructions.

Thank you this theme is quite beautiful, I just changed the background, but it still looks fantastic.