How to visit another link with New Tab in Puppeteer?

Hi there, I just want to know how do I visit another link using New Tab in Puppeteer after the login, for example I 1st login to my OpenBullet account then I open new tab and put my profile settings link to give it a visit.
Thanks in advance.

Use the click block to click an item with middle mouse button

I already searched in this forum and tried to use the middle button but for me it’s a link located in a dropdown list and has the same Selector/XPath as the dropdown list.

Is there any way you can capture the link by parsing it from the DOM? Because then you can use the open new tab block and navigate to that url directly in the new tab

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Unfortunately it doesn’t exist in the DOM.
But it is not variable it remains the same, so is it possible I just open New Tab and go to that link? or I have to put it in a constant block first?

Yes if it’s always the same then you just open a new tab and use the navigate to block. You should know that there is an issue in 0.1.27 with the new tab block, but I fixed it (it will be shipped with 0.1.28) so either wait or compile your own build from the source code.

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Exactly, before I create this post I tried as you’re saying and got this error:

[Executing block SETTINGS] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I’m not sure it’s the same problem I fixed, this sounds like something else

Hmm, so it’s unfixable?

I fixed it, now I’m confused with "Wait For Element" block

What am I supposed to write in the blank fields in order to wait for the response from the previous login click?

That’s not the block you’re looking for. You’re looking for wait for navigation

What’s the difference? or what’s this one "Wait For Element" used for?

Cuz as I remember we used to use "Wait For Element" in OB1 after you click something or wait for writing.

Wait for element waits until a specific element (e.g. with a specific id) appears on the page, while wait for navigation waits until the page stops loading (or until there are no more ongoing requests)


You’ve been so helpful, thank you very much.