How to use Brave browser as puppeteer

I am not able to use Brave or any browser including chrome as puppeteer cuz whenever I start config it never appear
Is it same as OB1’s Selenium or something else
Please help I am new in OB2 @Ruri

No dude, you know what I recently discovered that I can use edge browser in Puppeteer. Which means any browser based on Chromium can be used in Puppeteer. Try replacing the path in settings

Done bro not helpful
I have changed path in RL setting and it didn’t work
For Chrome too


Check this

And we can use it here

and this, which proves you can use any browser that is based on chromium

Sir I am using OB2 Native
And done same but browser never opens

SO your problem is that it doesn’t show up right? You got a bit wrong here, untick headless mode