How to share access in Openbullet 2

I am setting up a workplace and would like some friends of mine to have access through openbullet 2 web. I’ve already set up my adm access, but I don’t want them to have access to all configs, I want them to use just a few. I looked for a tutorial and I didn’t find it.

note: my OpenBullet2 web is hosted on vps.

Are you trying to use the guest function or the sharing function? Because they are 2 completely different things, read here to know more

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thank you very much, but i have not found an answer about “limiting” the configs that other people can see. I will continue studying.

I think it would be sharing, in case I don’t want to share all my configs, just some

You can only “limit” the configs when using config sharing (just assign the configs you want to the endpoint), on the other hand guests are able to use all configs that are present on the machine.

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Okay, thank you @Ruri