How to run bcrypt

Hello guys,
I have a config that need to be runned by bcrypt

The owner told me:

Install npm on your device
make ‘Scripts’ folder in your ob2 folder
Open cmd in the folder
type ‘npm install bcrypt’

How i will processed it?
Is there anyvideo

Sorry im a beginner, i didnt understand any word you write it :frowning:

Use a translator and try to learn from that guide

The config is ready and he required from me to install node because the config has a script run only with node right ?

So i need to install only node in my pc due the ob2 know it! Or need to be installed in specific folder?

Is npm is the same is node?

Because he told me to run this command:

Npm install bcrypt

npm is node’s package manager. Just open a console, navigate to the Scripts folder and run that command to install the bcrypt package in that place (it will create a node_modules subfolder)

I install node js in my pc
I go to the folder of script
I open cmd
I enter command, npm install bcrypt
I come back to ob2 , i see the config is working ?

Yes that’s what you need to do

Thx riru for this kind of help

First you have to run npm init like in the guide, then you can run npm install bcrypt

Im professional at the anomaly 1.4.4, and im begginer at ob2 , i see it very difficult.
I know its updated everytime and it has a lot and lot of futures and i know in the feature i will tell myself why im still using the old version in the place of this perfect version updated of ob2. Im trying

That’s why there is a guide by pure for this ^^
Please read the guide

I thank god that there is a developers like you working hardly to give us a software with 0 bug and with alltimes updated fonctions.
But only 1 thing i didnt understand it, whats your profit by creating this softwar Without making money from it. I mean, it’s not an advertisement, it’s not a business, and it’s not an investment project.

Well I do get some money through crowdfunding, in fact there is one going on right now (see at the top of the forum page).

But anyways

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thanks bro, im trying to install the ob2 in the vps,
i have downloaded the source , and it need to download also the patch ?

No, just follow the guide. There are even installation videos on youtube that some people made

I second that, all I see is open open bullet 2, make new folder and call it Scripts, ok, Done, now what? what am i supposed to do next, where is this thing cmd locaed in the folder scripts or how do I get into csripts to run cmd instructions, need install bycrypt for dummies please

  1. install node js from here (current version) Node.js
  2. open the main folder where OB2 is located and create a subfolder called Scripts (with a capital S)
  3. go inside this folder. while holding down the SHIFT button on your keyboard, right click in a blank space inside the newly created Scripts folder and select the “Open PowerShell window here” option
  4. type this exact command npm init and keep pressing RETURN (ENTER) until it’s done asking you for prompts
  5. finally type the command npm install bcrypt and press RETURN (ENTER)