How to parse an image as base64 variable to SolveCaptcha

I have to solve an Image Captcha like this, I’m using 2captcha.
Can 2 captcha solve image captchas? I’ve only read about capmonster.
How can I parse the image from the page as the base64 input that the solveCaptcha block needs.

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Are you using puppeteer or normal http requests?
And yes, almost all services can solve image captchas.

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Its on normal requests.

Couldn’t solve yet.

The situation is, the PostRestituicao2020 is the block with the imageCaptcha.
In this block I need to do a POST request with the solution and some other parsed data.

How can I parse the same image as the request form?
Do you understand my intention here?
I want to parse the image from the requested URL, then make it base64 for the captcha solving block.

Could you help? :smiley:

I’m willing to try it in Selenium
How could I do it in Selenium then @Ruri ?

Do not do this in selenium, you can do it with http.
You need to check the response source of the website that you get from the first request. Usually there’s something like an <img> tag with a src attribute and the link to download the captcha. Other times, the captcha is embedded directly as base64 in the page. Which one is it?

Something like this?
It’s an url, what can I do now my man?
Also, thanks for helping :DDD

First of all parse that link (use css selector or LR as you prefer).
Then you have to add another GET http request block (after all the parse blocks) to that url (if you parsed it to a variable called URL then simply switch the URL parameter to VAR mode and type URL in it).
Finally, follow the guide I linked above, step by step, to get the captcha solution.