How to open the browser only once (puppeteer)

I want to open chrome once and then run a job with several tasks in just one chrome session, without having to open and close chrome in each task. How can I do that?

Opening and closing the browser on each task wastes unnecessary hardware power.

I guess you could check for good/fail keycheck and save hits to file and then jump to whatever beginning block u want

I would stay working in the same bot over and over, right?

Can you send a thread link or something, teaching how to save hits to file and how to jump to a expecific block.

How could i manage changing setting proxies with this config?

Im afraid I can’t help u with that but perhaps @Ruri can.

At the start of each bot, ob2 makes all the work of setting string line, setting proxies, counting number of hit and fails etc. Looping the bot seems hard to get the informations about what’s happening.