How to loop number

i want loop phone number from 2020000000 to 2095555555

and check for that phone number registered or no on . if registered that capture. if no that still loop until finish

how to create on ob2 pplese help me

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Generate the number list and check bro, as simple as that

can you guide me please

Hello @khuisiangho

I made this code especially for your case :

const int Array_Size = 999999999;
int[] khuisiangho = new int[Array_Size];
int StartingNumber = 2020000000;
int EndNumber = 2095555555;
List<String> WriteOnTxT = new List<String>();
            foreach(int i in khuisiangho)
                khuisiangho[i] = StartingNumber;

                if(StartingNumber > EndNumber - 1)

            var file = File.Create(@"Out.txt");
            File.AppendAllLines(@"Out.txt", WriteOnTxT);

As a bonus I give you the list :

:link: Out :link:


Thanks @WannaCry. this is work