How to install multiple Extension , in Puppeter or selenium?

i just tried 2 extension , but only 1 extension getting installed at a time in puppeter .

am i doing something wrong ?

–disable-notifications --load-extension=“D:\OB2 0.2.5\OpenBullet2.Native\Extensions\Captchaclik” --load-extension=“D:\OB2 0.2.5\OpenBullet2.Native\Extensions\DarkReader”

this is my code for 2 extension .

but only first command only execute 2nd never installed.

Delimetr comma and next path of Your extension
–disable-notifications --load-extension=“D:\OB2 0.2.5\OpenBullet2.Native\Extensions\Captchaclik”,“D:\OB2 0.2.5\OpenBullet2.Native\Extensions\DarkReader”