How to do mulithreading

Hello, I hope everyone is doing great I wanted to know how we can do multi-threading like OB. I have already seen the OB source but couldn’t understand the threading part that’s why decided to post here can anybody guide me with a simple example if possible. It will help me a lot.

You don’t need to do threading yourself, I made a library that everybody can use in their project for free, it’s available on nuget.

Thanks a lot @Ruri again you saved my a lot of time

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Don’t worry ^^ if you have any trouble understanding the code shoot me a PM and I will give you a hand :wink:

Thanks for being so helpful

@Ruri what is the cancelation token? I mean what is the purpose of the cancelation token in the Parallelization library

To… cancel an async operation?

new with dotnet 6 Parallel.ForEachAsync Method (System.Threading.Tasks) | Microsoft Docs

Yes I am planning to experiment with it soon when I port OB2 to .NET 6, but obviously this approach will not support pause/resume and possibly dynamic bot number update and other things. I will probably add it to the list of parallelizers in the options.

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