How to close the browser when the element cannot be found?

I’m having a few issues with Pupperteer right now. There are some websites that will change the look and feel according to the country ip address. so its element will be changed and resulting in Pupperteer won’t be able to find the element i requested resulting in return ERROR error. However, when I get this error, my browser does not close automatically, but it will hang and automatically open another browser when the bot runs again. I went into Pupperteer settings and selected the feature:
Quit the browser when the bot ends with one of these statuses.
However when using this feature I found the bot would stop completely and not start a new alternative browser. So what should I do so that when I encounter an Error, the browser will be closed and the bot will open another browser instead? Thanks.

As soon as you land on the page, make some checks to see that it matches your requirements. Use IF statements, and if it’s not fine for you then manually close the browser and set a status of BAN so it will try another proxy.

IF STRINGKEY @dom DoesNotContain "hello"
// Add block to close the browser here
data.STATUS = "BAN";