How to close alert () or window () in puppeteer

Help me! How to close alert () or window () in puppeteer


Can’t you simply click on the OK button using the click block? Maybe do it conditionally after a delay and an IF statement

I tried even pressing the Enter button and it doesn’t help.
And how do I click on the OK button if this is a browser dialog box and not a website?
@Ruri, there was already a request on github, and on the forum. The question on github is closed, but I have not found a solution Suppress JS alert [Puppeteer] [REQUEST] Dismiss JS alert (Puppeteer) · Issue #217 · openbullet/OpenBullet2 · GitHub

Ah ye as you can see I closed it with a commit. Go to config options > Puppeteer > Dismiss dialogs and tick the checkbox

i try this and not working

dismiss is checked and isnt working cant delete this alert pop up :frowning:

I just use the Reload Block to refresh the page.

I reload the page with the block and not work this alert not disapear

i find a solution need to open a new tab with link and after finish u close 2 time browser

but don’t use this solution with puppeteer because puppeteer in OB2 mix between Tab’s indexes