How to change the value of sliced data

Hello is it possible to change the value of data? like, sliced data is [email protected]:testpass and i wanna to change it to [email protected]:testpass with lolicode is it possible?

the value of the sliced data should change in jobs too

Yes it is possible, the whole data line is in data.Line.Data and can be changed as you wish from LoliCode like

data.Line.Data = "hello";
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yo ruri it worked well but when i tried this

data.Line.Data = $"<USSER>:<input.PASS>";

in jobs it returns

You cannot use LoliCode syntax because that is a C# statement so you have to use C# syntax, which uses curly braces

data.Line.Data = $"{USSER}:{input.PASS}";
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thanks ruri now it works :cowboy_hat_face: