How to capture messages in imap

How to parse the 9 messages

Imap Open Inbox (ImapOpenInbox) <<

Opened the inbox, there are 9 total messages

Need to put them in a for loop, check out this post about how it was done there

otherwise, this subject has been covered quite a bit just search for imap

Ok list, thank you, I try

There is no way to capture the total number of messages in imap open inbox because I mark the box and it generates an error

it says the var imapOpenInboxOutput does not exist, check line 74 to see whats calling it

There is no variable created by that block, don’t just assume every block creates a variable. Remove the imapOpenInboxOutput variable wherever you put it.

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Thank you for clearing my doubt, I thought it could be captured in that section

so i have the same issue.
When i check Is Capture in Open Inbox block. I get this error :
The name ImapOpenInboxOutput does not exist in the current content.

I added : => VAR @ImapOpenInboxOutput to the block and there is no error but the capture is not happening. And if i go back on stacker, the line gets auto-deleted.

What i understand from your answer is that imapOpenInboxOutput variable is not created automatically by the block. So i have to create it by myself.

But then you say, remove the imapOpenInboxOutput variable ??? How can i remove it if the error is : imapOpenInboxOutput does not exist.

Im sorry this is my first config with OB2.

I tried searching the forum for more answer but cant find anything.

Are you able to post the lolicode that generates the error?