How to add extension,plugins and addon in puppeteer

how to add extension,plugins and addon in puppeteer ,like adblocker addon ,etc it will be usefull to bypass botmanagers.

There is no support for this yet, there is an issue on github, follow it and wait for me to resolve it

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can we use installed npm modules with ob puppeteer? or like can we code our own … add this npm puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth used for bypassing more bots detections

The stealth plugin is already implemented in the code, but i am using the default configuration currently, as you can see here

Note that this is the C# port of the original npm plugin since OB2 is coded in C# not js.
This is the repo of the plugin port

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@Ruri could you please implement the extensions to puppeteer ASAP because I am still working with OB 1.4.4 :sob:

I don’t have time right now, and I prefer to prioritize other things anyways. Maybe I can add them back to selenium, in that case open an issue on github requesting for extensions support for selenium in ob2

How can we use the plugin puppeteer