How to add Custom Cookies in selenium

as we extract cookies from firefox, how we can use the same extracted cookies in selenium openbullet again n again??
i wanna make openbullet to open firefox in selenium with the same cookies that i had extracted from firefox
i used ‘quick cookie manager’ extension in firefox
and i am using openbullet 1.2.2.

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You can use “Set Cookies” Block Buddy, just Enter the URL of the website which you want to set cookies

Here’s the Loli code






  domain = ""

  cookies = @data.COOKIES


sir can you explain me in 1.2.2 openbullet?
does this helps me to put cookies from firefox?

As @Ruri says Support for Ob1 has Ended, I suggest you to move to Ob2 :grinning:

so i have load firefox cookies to “data.cookies” as it is?

Ob2 uses Puppeteer which uses Chrome, not firefox buddy

so it mean i cannot use xookies extracted from firefox?

You can use your custom proxies too

sir my question is, I extracted cookies from firefox using “qucik-cookie-manager”, should i have to copy the text (i.e. cookies) to cookies ? if i do that its showing error “Protocol error (Network.setCookies): Invalid cookie fields”
thanks for your time sir i appreciate ur effort

Why you are using some “quick-cookie-manager” to extract cookies bro? you can just use the developer tools debugger

The syntax should be LIke this if you want to paste the cookies


CT: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
netcore-session: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
_pxhd: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
__cf_bm: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You cant just copy-paste the cookies, adjust them in this format

To extract cookies you have to use the GetCookies block not SetCookies

i got the cookies but when i load them its doent take any cookies

Please I need to see some code otherwise I cannot help, make sure to censor any info as per forum rules