How skip <>

i have postdata like =

<sc:request i:type="dc:GetEnrolmentInfoRequest"><dc:SessionID></dc:SessionID><dc:RequestTimeStamp><unixTimeToDateOutput></dc:RequestTimeStamp><dc:LoginCredentials><dc:UserName><input.USERNAME></dc:UserName><dc:Password><input.PASSWORD></dc:Password></dc:LoginCredentials>

and before i try send req i have error : [IDLE] (15,75): error CS8076:
There is no closing separator"} “for an interpolated expression starting with” {".

what i need do?

Try setting it to a string first and then using the string as the post data

You cannot post XML data using stacker, you need to build your string using C# manually. Paste this in the LoliCode section before the http request block.

string postData = $"<sc:request i:type=\"dc:GetEnrolmentInfoRequest\"><dc:SessionID></dc:SessionID><dc:RequestTimeStamp>{unixTimeToDateOutput}</dc:RequestTimeStamp><dc:LoginCredentials><dc:UserName>{input.USERNAME}</dc:UserName><dc:Password>{input.PASSWORD}</dc:Password></dc:LoginCredentials>"

And then use that variable in the post data of the http request block.

@Ruri quick question does LoliCode recognize both ' ' and " " or just " "

Sometimes I get lazy and use the opposite instead of escaping the " and was just wondering if I can do it here as well.

It’s C# based so only " works, not the single quote. It’s not javascript.

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