How many clones/downloads does OB have

Hello there : )

I was hoping to get information about the number as to how many downloads and/or clones OpenBullet 1 and OpenBullet 2 have. If you have any statistics or graphs about OB downloads you are willing to share, please link them below, or I can share a good email where they can be spent to.

Thank you very much!!

I do not collect any data from users so I have no idea. I can just say that on the github repositories I get around 400 daily unique visitors for OB1 and around 300 for OB2. Downloads are probably in the thousands for OB1 and in the hundreds for OB2 since it’s still new and in beta. As for the amount of stars/forks you can easily see that from the github repositories in the top right. Also, OB1 has been modded I’d say a dozen of times so far, excluding mods with minor changes.