High RAM usage

hey. i have a problem and i dont think thats normal.

when i start openbullet2 with some jobs i have like 2GB ram usage… 2 days later it goes up to 16gb and more… with every hour running openbullet2 needs more and more RAM its normal for you guys?

Reply to the questions on this issue [BUG] CPU/RAM ISSUE MEMORY GOING SLOWLY UP TO UNLIMITED · Issue #111 · openbullet/OpenBullet2 · GitHub

I would like to report same issue.
I passed the 6 questions mentioned above in github.
For me it’s fresh install on Arch or Windows. So i had no configs.
After 19 minutes of running Memory usage was at 900MB and i’m doing nothing. (still increasing)

[Update] : I tried with fresh windows and all is fine.

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I have the same issue as @life. I deployed with docker on my ubuntu 512MB memory server, it was at about ~174MB memory usage but after 13hrs of uptime without doing anything. not usable I see… needs more ram and not sure even with more ram server I’ll be able to use it 24/7 live on the server for a month atleast (as it will keep demanding ram)?

Which version are you using? Did you leave the browser tab open or closed?

I skipped a line there sorry, it is
“it was at about ~174MB memory usage when launched but after 13hrs of uptime (idle) and not accessed from my website went up ~354MB without doing anything”

I’m deploying latest beta right now, 0.1.12 and my host machine doesn’t open it on browser, it just tunnels the localhost:5000 to my website domain and I access it on own PC or phone browser via visiting to the website from time to time.

It goes to 494MB when running 10 bots infinite pool for testing for 10 secs, and back to ~454MB and stays there (till I clean the server and redeploy…) with little fluctuations when this 10 bots multi-run job is stopped and removed.

I was just thinking to use OB2 on mobile when needed for little things but this is a bit resource hungry currently…

A few things:

  • Please use 0.1.12 as there are fixes for memory leaks.
  • Just remember this is a beta and many things will need to be fixed over time.
  • Some of the RAM usage you see is also coming from blazor (the UI framework) when it loads new pages or sets refresh timers on pages, so it will not go away when you stop a job because it caches the pages for quick loading in the future.
  • I intend to expose a web API to control OB2 through different methods like custom frontend clients or even discord/telegram bots, which will greatly reduce the RAM usage on the server. It will happen in a few months but stay tuned for that.
  • I also suggest that you read this article to make it less heavy on the CPU Making your OpenBullet 2 instance more stable

Let me know if you have any more questions!