Hidden authorization field under the button

Hello. Im newbie. :monkey_face:Please don’t hit me hard if my questions are stupid. I still use OB 1, it is easier for me to learn.
My question:
Example. Website https://site.com/ the authorization field is on the main page
url for logining (Post)) how main url https://site.com/
BUT! When When the browser is not open to the entire page the authorization field is hidden under the button and it must be pressed! Probably because of this, you can’t log into your account??? When button press login field active.
PleaseTell me what to do :sleepy:
**Button **

What do you need to use the EXUCUTE JS block or ELEMENT ACTION??? to click the button for authorization when there is one? How do I implement this?

for JS you can do

var x = document.getElementsByClassName("class name here")[0];


or an action

  findBy = Class
  identifier = "class name here"

also its better to use an API but eh

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thank you very much for your responsiveness and help :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: I will try and then write about what happened. And what is the difficulty in doing this through the API?

depends on the site.

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Yes, there is something related to the API, but I’m not sure if it is connected specifically with authorization. I will check it