Help with selenium

I need to change the user agent for chrome before I open it with selenium.

any way to do that with openbullet2?!

Hello, yes there is a way. First your going to want to make a list of User Agents. If you need a common user agent list you can find one Here. Next your going to navigate to RL Settings,then tick the “Use custom User Agents list” box and insert your list of User Agents. Save your settings.

Next simply navigate to the Stacker and search for the Random User Agent block.

And there you have it, a different user agent every time you run a job.

thank you but i tried now its the same problem i put a list

Screen: Screenshot - 6d9ba795b11dc68f810d9789ee6ccb8e - Gyazo

now I’m trying to open a browser and every time with the same use agent

Screen: Screenshot - 926c0b524c111ceb0155eb3a3d29c7c5 - Gyazo

so maybe the problem with the native client or what?!

I’ve tested the Random User Agent block in Web client and Native and it’s working fine.
Do a test. Load the Random User Agent block. Hit the start debugger button repeatedly. The UA should be changing every time you hit start, even without a list.

I understand your point and all this good but i need to change the user agent after i open chrome with selenium