i have file directory there a text file
i want read every file on every single bot
like every bot request has read file not all files on request on 1 bot

Put the names of the files in a text file, one per line.
Then add a new resource (in the config settings) and consume that resource using the TAKEONE keyword in your config, just search for a guide on this forum using the search box.

i have text files but i want read that file on every request like in every request has a file

Yes I told you how to do that

can you please give the code of config in format loli or csharp if you want

i mean the resource where i will find it to read the text files from file directory in every single bot has a file text read from file directory

  1. Go to config settings
  2. Configure a resource as follows, pointing to the txt file where you have all the paths of the files, line by line (use absolute paths to avoid problems). Note that if resource.txt is in another folder, you should use an absolute path for that one as well. You can obviously change the name of this file as you please.

  1. Add this LoliCode to your config
TAKEONE FROM "resource" => @filePath
  path = @filePath
  => VAR @fileContent

Now the variable called fileContent will have the content of the file.

Each bot will take a brand new line until they run out.