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So, I’m Getting Problem in Using AES JavaScript In OpenBullet 1.2.2

So, I’m Inputting Something Like That (Given in the Provided Screenshot)
Its Been Encrypted
But When I Decrypt It, I’m Getting Some URL-Encoded String At the Last.

Please Can Anyone Help Me To Fix It

Thanks in Advance!!

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%7D is the url encoded version of } so maybe just use the url decode block after decrypting?

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Yes, But Its Inputting Different Data
Its Adding %7D automatically at last and then encrypting it.
This only happens when using JSON Type Content (using JS in OB1).
Any fix , So that it don’t add %7D at the last before encrypting?

And Thanks Sir For Quick Reply :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know what is causing it to be honest. Maybe open an issue on github but it’s going to be low priority since there’s an easy workaround.