Get raw binary data of image from "data:image" request type

I have a image source that looks like this:

data:image/jpg;base64,[some base64 data]

I want to execute the solve image captcha block using the image of this source, how can I get the raw data of image from this?

In this post ruri explains how to do it … I hope it will be helpful for you

If it’s already in base64 format, then just parse it directly from the page source and put it in the solve image captcha block.

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i tried but it gave error, and the base64 format doesn’t look valid too. However, when I render it on a browser it shows the image. Trying to make get request on the openbullet gives the error “host cannot be empty.” How can i retrive the rawsource in this case?

You don’t have to make another get request if it’s already in the page. Just parse it from the page where you got it from. As text. Don’t need RAWSOURCE or anything in this case.