From version 0.2.0, OB2 runs on .NET 6

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In order to be able to run OB2, starting from version 0.2.0, you will need to have .NET 6 installed on your system, otherwise the program will not start.

Download page

For the web client you need the ASP.NET Core Runtime 6.x
For the native client you need the .NET Desktop Runtime 6.x
Of course, to compile your own builds from the source code, you need the .NET 6 SDK

Those who use docker to run OB2 just need to recreate the container as usual.

The main advantages of upgrading to .NET 6:

  • Some operations are faster and more optimized
  • It’s a LTS release which means it will receive security patches from Microsoft for a long time
  • HttpClient now supports SOCKS proxies so HTTP/2.0 is available via the Http Request block by selecting SystemNet as the Http Library in the new setting of the block

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