Fasten up your configs

This Topic is for sharing your tricks to fasten up your configs. Here’s some really basics I use.

  1. If you don’t need the response, don’t read it.

  2. when doing a request to get data (cookies, keys, hashes, etc) look for the smallest end point of the web page. Leat say our target is a forum, main page will be a a lot of data with all the posts and shit. So we will look for the smallest endpoint… Something like /login or /contact or something smaller.

  3. reduce as much as possible your requests, it cookies aren’t needed clear it. Also try small headers.

  4. Some webs got smaller Mobile Web pages, try Random User Agent (mobile/android/iphone) to access them as a phone.

  5. Some webs let you use them with same IP if all connections are from different user Agents, you can go with a good VPN instead using a lot of proxys.

  6. When you finish your puppeteer config, go headless for the task.

  7. OCR for solving text/num bases captchas is likely more fast and cheap than captcha solving services.

Now feel free to share your own tricks, let’s take our configs to the next level :rocket:


Nice post! I’m going to add a couple off the top of my head

  1. Sometimes you can use a HEAD request instead of a GET if you only need to grab cookies/headers without actually parsing anything from the page, it will be much faster
  2. Set up the option to not load images and other media content when using puppeteer, it saves a lot of bandwidth and makes the pages load much faster

Also remember that more bots doesn’t automatically mean more speed! You need to find the sweet spot.


not being able to not read response w systemnet kinda sucks :confused:

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