Error message in OpenBullet 2 [ERROR}


Does anyone know how to fix this error?
Whenever I start the program, and try to hit something this message pops up in the info tab


and so on, everytime I start it.
Is there any help for this?

EDIT: Im really new to this. If You could explain in a easy way, I would be really greatful :))

Hello, please go to RL settings and turn on verbose mode, so that we can see the full output of the error. Also you should provide some sample LoliCode to recreate the error ^^ Thanks

Hello, I have turned the mode on, however nothing changed preety much. I am sorry if I did something wrong, I click on enable verbose mode in RL settings, and started the program.

Is there a window I should also enable aswell?

btw, where can I find the LoliCode?

I am really sorry for my little knowledge, please understand me.


Hmm wait, you just open the program and don’t do anything and an error pops up? Where does it pop up? Can you take a screenshot and tell me the exact steps please?


What I do is:
Open the program → Go to Jobs → Start the “job”

And under the 'INFO" tab in “Jobs” after selecting a job, it says


Sorry, and thank You
Error is not a pop-up, its just a text shown on screen.

Check with another config . My guess which config you using as some mistake while accessing the website. Try any other config.

Go to Configs > Edit the config you’re using > Stacker > Debugger > Enter some test data, the wordlist type, and start the debugger to see what it prints. It should give you a hint on what’s going on.


After entering config file, I have found this in output after starting it.

What could be the problem?

Should I change the config to something else?

Best regards

This means that you are using the Default wordlist type instead of Credentials (you can set it at the top of the debugger). When you import a wordlist, set the wordlist type to Credentials and you will fix the problem.