Download save IMG to folder

I’m using OpenBullet 2 version of WebClient
I want to download the images using the URL that has been parsing
about the folder I want, but I can’t do it because I don’t know C#
Do you have any solution?
IMG => z3344146406207-7bfe09dad350d4190404ba757ac3a593 — ImgBB

Can you please provide an example of what you want to do? I see you’re parsing a single URL that points to an image, but what are the other blocks for? (The replace, mkdir and shell)

Ah sorry, I already did it, all of a sudden Create Path didn’t work and I had to do it through windows powershell :smiley:
Now I have another question, can you help me?

I want to create a for loop
The word Parse is retrieved by Recursive with value = [list,forlist,newlist,oldlist,savelist]
now how can i put it in the BLOCK HTTP REQUEST URL ?
for example URL=link/< Parsevalue >/file.html
that it can run all the Parse that I took out earlier?

Does that mean.
When I do this, the only image I get is one
But I want to get a lot of pictures after I have them, what should I do?

  url = ""

  path = "myImages"

  path = "myImages\\test.jpg"
  content = @data.RAWSOURCE

You need to use a FOREACH loop.
Read this to learn how

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