Discord Plugin (Updated March 2022)

Hello Everyone , I made a brand new plugin!

OB2 Version: 0.2.2 + up [Beta]
Author: Br4uN_Tr
Description: Discord (Plugin to manage discord message)

  • Send, pin, edit and delete messages to your discord channel
  • You can use both webhook or bot
  • Support default Discord MarkDown
  • Easy to use wherever you need it

Readme: If for some reason it doesn’t work as expected, please PM me


DiscordPlugin.zip (9.3 KB)


Lovely plugin, thank you for the contribution!

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Thanks, the plugins was helpful.

thank you for the plugins,

but i have problem , the Plugin won’t work

[SAFE MODE] Exception caught and saved to data.ERROR: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: ‘System.String RuriLib.Blocks.Parsing.Methods.QueryJsonToken(RuriLib.Models.Bots.BotData, System.String, System.String, System.String, System.String)’.

I’ll do some test, thanks

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Happening to me as well when trying to use the webhook.

Also is the source public?

it gives the same error for me, and please fix it
the Plugin is very helpfull

that is the problem I think

I think it was broken before that. Pretty sure it was a bad endpoint or something.

I already decompiled it a few days ago and will see if I can fix it if the OG creator is still away when my schedule clears a bit. (No ETA)

it works fine for me now
thanks man