Crowdfunding for OpenBullet 2 Native client

Hey everybody,

I hope you’re doing well. As you might have read in this post, during the past month I developed a native UI for OpenBullet2. I’m now asking for some donations to cover the hours that I dedicated to developing this alternative client for OB2.

Here’s some screenshots

The source code will be committed to the main repo on github and there will be auto-compiled builds for each new version. There are also one-click updates directly from the native UI.

Keep in mind these things

  1. You can seamlessly switch from the web UI to the new client by simply moving your UserData folder, it’s that simple!

  2. If you want to keep using the web UI you will be able to do so, this is just an additional client that will be kept up to date alongside the existing web UI client

  3. I will complete the few things that are left (and that are low priority) shortly after the release, no additional funds will be asked for these

  4. You will not be able to obtain perks after the crowdfunding has ended

  5. I will release the software shortly after the crowdfunding is completed. If the stretch goal is reached it might take a bit longer in order to include the extra features.

How to donate

You can donate to this address (the amount left is tracked by the widget in the forum’s header).
BTC: 3E7aFm6BuEtujVx1wRmMoyWeotc9bKoosX

You can also donate to the following wallets but the donations are not tracked, so shoot me a PM and let me know if you donate with these method and I will update the widget manually.
ETH: 0xc22116Bcf6c30977bEdFcc03C5B6aAe90B0fD179
BCH: qq02mrtdp454g2zdu534ndpu7jgcr3tvavyzs60m3p


If you donate more than $20 worth of BTC you will get your nickname in the credits section.
If you donate more than $90 worth of BTC you will get access to a private discord server which has a bot that allows you to pre-compile your configs to DLL (so they can be obfuscated).

If you donated more than $20, PM me (or send via email to ruri [at] openbullet (dot) dev) the link to the transaction as soon as you make it so that I can verify that it’s you who donated the funds. Please let me know about the name you want to be credited as in the about section of the application (no self-advertisement or offensive/illegal names of any kind, I reserve myself the right to reject your name of choice if I find it unsuitable to be added to the code of the official repo).

Main goal (0.03 BTC)

After the donations reach 0.03 BTC, if no stretch goal is reached, I will commit the source code and the precompiled build to github.

Stretch goal (0.035 BTC)

If the donations reach 0.035 BTC I will implement the ability to edit the colors of the client and set a custom background image just like in OB1.

Thanks to everybody who will help us!
Stay awesome,



yet another time I’ve been blown away by the support of this amazing community.

I will start working on the stretch goal and implement themes, it should not take too long so expect the release to be late today or tomorrow at most. The crowdfunding is still open until release so if you don’t want to miss out on the perks you still have some time ^^

Thanks again to everyone who donated, you are helping this project stay alive! :heart: