Cloudflare error 1020

I’m reversing an android app and when im replicating the HTTP requests with openbullet it keeps giving me the cloudflare access denied code, even though when theyre done by the app, there are no identifiers being sent, only very barebones headers to describe the HTTP request itself, these aren’t late requests either, these are the very first requests made by the app the first time you launch it. On top of all that, I can easily go back to replicating those same requests in the android app after getting the error in openbullet. So i wanted to ask, is this some new detection method by cloudflare, or is this me being dumb, or do I get a different HTTP listener?

Hi Greg ,
ALMOST questions here , are related to Openbullet


the problem im having is with openbullet

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Try to see in thoses topic

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i did

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I’ve found out that they only accept HTTP 2.0 connections, idk why I didn’t think of this yesterday.

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You need to use SystemNet as HTTP Library if you want to be able to make HTTP/2.0 requests