Clearing content of text file using C#

Clearing content of text file using C#

How clear all line in text file and write new string?

You don’t need C# you can use a Write block (it will overwrite all existing text). If you use Append it will not overwrite and just append at the end of the file.

I need to use add because it is in loop.

I can overcome this issue by writing to the file.
after the loop i get the data by reading the file but i have to clear it every time.
i thought about deleting the file, but i think the hdd might swell

Deleting the file will be just fine

In OB Doesn’t work like here, does it?

Of course it works, but it’s completely equivalent to putting a File Write block and leaving the content field empty :rofl: same exact thing

same thing but i will write this after the loop :smiley:

File.WriteAllText(path, String.Empty);



it doesn’t work like this how should i write it

You have to replace path with your path as a string

i do but it doesn’t work

File.WriteAllText("DB\\ALL.txt", String.Empty);

Name ‘file’ does not exist in current context

System.IO.File.WriteAllText("DB\\ALL.txt", String.Empty);
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it works very well thnx @Ruri