Capmonster settings

Please assist.I have downloaded capmonster but does not want to work in ob1 or ob 2.
the settings in ob2 is set to capmonster ad balance 555 but when i run a site i can see capmonster is solving the captcha but not working in ob 2 stand still same in ob 1 settings 2 captcha shows balance 555 but wont run.settings in capmonster default tried source as chrome and https but having no joy! Dbc work perfect in both ob no probs.Advice Please?

Just making sure, when you said “downloaded” do you mean that you bought it or are you using a pirated version? Because pirated versions don’t work.

it is bought one official but wont work ob 1 or ob 2 can see capmonster is doing images ob1 retries and ob 2 same no real try?