Bypass Akamai on openbullet 2

How can I bypass Akamai on openbullet 2? Pls pros any idea?

You can not, not for free!

I will pay if I can get it pls assist me :pray:

only with puppeteer configs…

Oh ok thanks very much but how can I make puppeteer configs works faster cuz I hate to use them because they’re slow

you can’t… if you go to fast than they know you’re a bot
in many cases you can login through an api but you can’t check subscriptions because then you have to login through the site.
so I would recommend to split your configs in 2 parts;

  • first the “look for working accounts” part
    just check Username:Password (trough api or other possible ways, decompiling the android apk of that site/service can help you if you can’t find an api on the web :wink:)
  • second part is where puppeteer can be used to slowly :laughing: login through the site an make the required parsings/captures.

that way you have a fast/normal config that only uses puppeteer when you have a hit!

Bros pls I need you privately because I tried that decompiling of apk with apk free tools and after I compile it back then it’s not installing again

Pls recommend a good and perfect tutorial on that or just give me the tools I will use without getting any problem

Is your phone rooted? if not, you need to uninstall the apk before you can install the modded apk, Android checks the signature of the apk.
but modern apks from paid services like DAZN, Netflix and … are full of stuff that checks if classes.dex is modded or not!
still you can find a lot of info in them which you can use in your configs…

excellent tool : JADX-gui

Thanks much I will check this out

This won’t work either, since they are fingerpinting your browser.

Hello! Even if I am late there are two methods that doesnt Require Puppeteer or Selenium and Only uses HTTPRequest Blocks. Both of the methods need a lotta money. With that being said The first way is to use a Sensor Payload Generator. If you know about akamak you wknt question what sensor data is. You can use a sensor data gen which uses the abck and bmsz cookie from the request to base URL and Make an Sensor for that Cookie. The sensor is posted to the akamai api and Akamai will let you do what you want. The sensor must be posted 3 - 10 times for a single check upon site security which makes it slow. I bought my Sensor Gen for 5000$
Second method is using an BMP client and Different Versions of BMP clients are required for Different types of Akamai. It generates a header value which lets you access what you want. However this is Faster than previous Sensor Gen. The price I paid for all versions crossed 12000$ Roughly but It was worth the speed.