[Br4uN] Telegram Plugin (Updated March 2022)

Hi, everyone this is a plugin to Send and Edit message on Telegram one of the most popular platform for chat and file share, please feel free to ask any question about it.

OB2 Version: 0.2.2 + up [Beta]
Author: Br4uN_Tr


  • This plugin support default Telegram MarkDown and HTML
  • Custom API Added

Any issue please PM me :slightly_smiling_face:


Telegram.zip (6.1 KB)


Uploading: image.jpg…
I added plugin…But it’s not showing in blocks…but if I search it by telegram then i got it…

Thanks… how i can make plugin for ob2 …can i convert my ob1 plugins into ob2 plugin??

here is a guide:

Works great, thanks Br4uN_Tr

where did you download the telegram plugin?

Nice plugin, would be nice if you added support for custom bot API server :smile:

Example: Add Telegram bot as job action and hit output (#6) · openbullet/OpenBullet2@1d8e441 · GitHub

Thanks for the example, request accepted :grin: and plugin Updated

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I’m having a basic problem but I was asking for help,
Is to carry the user: email data to the message. I tried with <input.USER> or even and without success

Click on the blue button until the background becomes green…

ok works i have one problem
why this is happens System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.String]?
try collect info for a parse but reveiced in utility or bot that

That’s because you’re trying to pass a List of strings into an interpolated string. You need to either convert it to a string using the Join block or replace your <mylist> with <mylist.AsString()>

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Ok thanks for all
ill try

Thanks. It was very educative.

Please how can i download or get my own openbullet account

cant we do plugin with python?

crash.7z (958 Bytes)

it gives error for tg plugin as well

That’s because there are 2 conflicting plugins that add a block with the same ID (AWS4Signature), delete one of them.

it adding for 1st time