Application/x-protobuf Content Type and Responce Type

Hey Guys I was looking for a way to implement protobuf encoding in Ob2

So, in an app, it uses protobuf to post the data. like below :arrow_down:

And This is the encoded stuff…

How to implement this in Ob2? Any Idea Guys?

you should try using the search function on the forum first.

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Aww Thanks, i search btw sir, didn’t find it :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

use Fiddler with this plugin

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I think Burp will also do as it has a plugin for Protobuf decode and see the variables in it

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Can ANyone help me to implement this in Ob2 I Am kinda Confused? :zipper_mouth_face:

When i Decoded the Post data with protobuff i got this result

1 {
  1: "9a8d2f0ce77a4e248bb71fefcb557637"
  2: "d6d6d21654d250cd"
101 {
  1: "[email protected]"
  2: "passwd"
  3: "******************************************"

can anyone send the lolicode for this protobuf?

There is also another way which might fit you more if you don’t have the .proto file

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And how to decode the protobuf which was received from the server sir?

I wouldn’t know how to do that without having the .proto files, sorry.

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