Application/x-protobuf Content Type and Responce Type

Hey Guys I was looking for a way to implement protobuf encoding in Ob2

So, in an app, it uses protobuf to post the data. like below :arrow_down:

And This is the encoded stuff…

How to implement this in Ob2? Any Idea Guys?

you should try using the search function on the forum first.

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Aww Thanks, i search btw sir, didn’t find it :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

use Fiddler with this plugin

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I think Burp will also do as it has a plugin for Protobuf decode and see the variables in it

Can ANyone help me to implement this in Ob2 I Am kinda Confused? :zipper_mouth_face:

When i Decoded the Post data with protobuff i got this result

1 {
  1: "9a8d2f0ce77a4e248bb71fefcb557637"
  2: "d6d6d21654d250cd"
101 {
  1: "[email protected]"
  2: "passwd"
  3: "******************************************"

can anyone send the lolicode for this protobuf?

There is also another way which might fit you more if you don’t have the .proto file

And how to decode the protobuf which was received from the server sir?

I wouldn’t know how to do that without having the .proto files, sorry.