Alternative Functions

Hello, I made a brand new plugin!
As you can see in OB2, lot functions takes lot of arguments of type byte[] (array of bytes) and return also byte[]; In the credential stuffing industry, there exists configurable tools tools that let people with no programming knowledge use configs to crack, so why pushing people to fuck their minds and look for how to convert byte[] to string or anything similar ? also some functions returns byte[] array (hex string) and takes an option of urlencoding output. kinda stupid and careless about what we do here. Also new stacker make you choose between puting raw string (T), single variable (V) or normal code for functions arguments, I guess new style is so confusing to 15yo people(indians especially) that makes configs and post on telegram.
I came with a pluging with a set of functions that takes string arguments and returns string output to not let you break your mind down looking about unnecessary stuff to make your config works. Well I’ll publish the compiled dll & source code together so you may improve it or fix bugs if found!!!
I’m not really going to write a full description about what this class library contains, so read it by yourself.

OB2 Version: beta
Author: @GiReI66 (telegram)
Description: General functins
Screenshots: Lazy to add



Cant tell if trolling :thinking:

Indian GIF
My LenGuege: saya dan keluarga saya berkat uang retak

Eng:Me and mai family thanks to crack money

OB is not made for stuffing credentials, it is a tool for scrapping which is not illegal, if someone can’t use the tool to make necessary configs, he shouldn’t be bothering himself and do so, for it needs programming knowledge and mastery in terms of using the tool at least, if anyone can’t differentiate between a byte and string, don’t you think he should be learning this for these are mere basics?
Thanks for the plug-in nevertheless.


You literally said it yourself. Unskilled people who just want to crack websites should not be using OpenBullet. This program is not meant to promote this behaviour and so I decided to raise the bar a little bit. Blame me.

Trust me, I couldn’t give less fucks about what you do.

Bit rude, innit?

If you want to straight up mock me or my decisions instead of starting a civil discussion, go back to telegram, and stay there. You’re not welcome here.


Well, I made this simple plugin for people who sees openbullet2 as an obstacle which forces them to learn C# basically…
I don’t want to start civil war with anyone, it’s ok for me if am not welcome here because I’m not a big fan of openbullet1 or OB2, I don’t even use them … I don’t make thousands of $$ as other people does using your tool and yes am also done with configs & this industry.
If you want to ban me → I don’t care simply as I said.
Have nice day!

Things have escalated quickly… Easy there.

Nice idea, why not.
Very useful sometimes!

I like credential stuffing but i would never use someone elses config and just press start without any knowledge. Its not about just gaining access to acounts, for me its like a video game where the last boss is Akamai bot detector. I love the many options OB2 got and i love learning more, collect information and write a successful config. OB2 is a good tool to get someone into the whole developer scene, thanks Ruri for making it possible.