AES Encryption Bug

In OpenBullet 1.2.2 when I AES Encrypt a string it encrypts the plaintext without base64 encoding it. Where as in OpenBullet 2 - 0.2.3 whenever I AES Encrypt the same plain text I get different outcomes considering it base 64 encodes the plaintext before doing the encryption itself.


OpenBullet 1.2.2:
This is the correct way which I prefer!!!

OpenBullet 2 - 0.2.3:
Mind you the setting to base64 encode the plain text isn’t enabled whatsoever.

OB2 encrypts to a byte array, then you have to use the block Bytes => base64 or Bytes => Hex to convert it to base64 or hex respectively. Look in the variables tab of the debugger and you will see there is ByteArray written beside the variable name, you need to convert it to a base64 string (like the output of OB1) with a Bytes => Base64 block.

Thanks for the help!