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Hallo Ruri
First let me thank you for this program

I would ask you for help. I did everything right But I chose Local and not remote. I would like to see how it is under the Remote regime

Openbullet 2 on mac please

Hello ruri u can help me please to fix this error.

( ERROR: Unable to connect to the HTTP-server )

Thank U <3

hi i have a problem when i use selenium in openbullet the browser does everything well but the problem is the keycheck i always get none , in html view its stay in the browser page but in browser everything working can anyone help me out please?

If your KEYCHECK is checking the SOURCE then, i think you need to Get DOM (PuppeteerGetDOM) first.

Also, to get help. go here and create a new topic. Do not ask your question here because probably nobody will answer you.