Zorin OS to support the new release of OP2 exe app

Native UI for OpenBullet 2 :–

i am linux user i use linux for its powers .

i like op2 i know soon will be anew release so i prepare some thing to let

linux users use the new app .

this new iso could help to run the new app on linux .

i did not try the new release yet but i know it will work .

so i like to introduce
to op2 users

Zorin OS

and this video i found it cool explain how to install windows apps on Zorin OS .
and i know it will work for the app and if did not i will show another way to do it but
after release

in end thanks for ruri and all his team for the great work

OB2 can run on anything that can run dotNet core apps… i.e. Linux, Mac, Windows …x86, x64, arm, arm64

The new release will be for windows only and support
Ob1 configs this will not work with linux bro .
I know how it goes .

The support for running OB1 configs will come AFTER the initial release.