Wordlist is range of int number

Hello everyone.
I have a problem with wordlist data.
My url is: https://example.com/post?id=1
I want to increase id by 1 for each thread’s execution to 10,000.
How can I do it without creating a text file with a range of numbers from 1 to 10000?

Hello @jhuyvu
Add a loop at the place you like and increment by 1 each time you are interested, then import this variable into the desired url.
If my memory is good, I already solved this question during a guide on parsing.

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Thank you, my problem was solved.

Hey, why don’t you use a Range Data Pool instead of a Wordlist-based Data Pool? You can choose the type of Data Pool in the Job Options when you create a Multi Run Job.


Yes, I was found this :smile: